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IDX artificial intelligence for diagnosing eye conditions

This opthalmologist is doing healthcare AI the right way

Physician-scientist and AMA member Michael Abramoff, MD, PhD, identified a problem and then painstakingly spent eight years building an augmented intelligence (AI) solution to fix it.

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Building a geographically diverse team

10 tips for creating a successful geographically diverse team

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ECR Logic UI Innovator Workshop team

UI Innovators Workshop accepting applications

UI Innovators workshop is accepting applications for January cohort

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AI for medical diagnoses, breath-through treatments for cystic fibrosis, surgical robotics, revolutionary engineering modeling, solar driven desalination-- our portfolio companies are taking the world by storm

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Lung imaging

Vida Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence system for diagnosing disease through the eye


Genetic therapy for treating genetic lung disease including cystic fibrosis.


Research and development of mid and long wave infrared LEDs and lasers

Firefly Photonics

Sunlight driven water treatment technologies

Pani Clean

portfolio 2

Robotic-assistive insertion systems for cochlear implants


Communication platform for nonverbal patients


Benchtop instrument to rapidly separate cancer cells from a biopsy


Multi-frequency oscillatory ventilator for patient-specific approach to respiratory therapy


Non-invasive, wearable device to manage blood sugar and enhance insulin sensitivity.

Geminii Health

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