Spinouts from University of Iowa Innovations

UI Advance Companies


Digital Diagnostics (Formerly IDx)

AI disease diagnosis through the eye. 


Surgical robotic system for cochlear implantation.


Communication system for hospitalized patients.

Vida Diagnostics

AI-powered analysis of lung scans.

Santos Human

Predictive digital human modeling software for human-centric product design

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting

Pharmaceutical cancer drugs for diagnostics and therapy

Farapulse (formerly Iowa Approach)

Pulsed Field Ablation catheters for atrial fibrillation.

UI Accelerate Companies


ECR Logic

Mobile-based mapping system for field scientists  


Separating cancer cells from biopsy for higher level processing.

Pani Clean

Sunlight driven water treatment technologies..


Multi-frequency oscillatory ventilator for respiratory therapy

Firefly Photonics

Mid- and long-wave infrared LEDs and lasers.

Geminii Health

Non-invasive, wearable device to treat diabetes.

Direct Spinal Therapeutics

Intradural spinal cord stimulator device for pain management

Nuclease Probe Technologies

Rapid blood pathogen identification

UI Incubate Companies


RAMDO Solutions

Engineering software that enhances computer simulation models


Software to match cancer type with personalized therapeutic treatment


Injectable compound to prevent osteoarthritis after traumatic injury

Zwicoat Material Innovations

Nonfouling surface coating


Agricultural treatment to improve crops.