Voxello, LLC provides methods, services, and devices to help caregivers more effectively communicate with their patients.Voxello has used over 25 years of clinical experience and research with severely disabled patients to create the Iowa Smart Switch, a device that allows patients, who are unable to speak and who are motorically challenged, to control a speech generating device, access nurse call systems and control devices in their environment (e.g. TV, lights, fans).

Voxello also provides consultation to hospitals and nursing homes on the use of assistive technology including Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems. By enhancing patient-provider communication, Voxello solutions will help hospitals and nursing facilities to reduce the rate of adverse medical events that research has shown are attributable to poor communication. NoddleTM will allow hospitals to insure that they are in compliance with hospital accreditation standards mandating that hospitals meet the communication needs of all of their patients. Voxello plans to market its product to large institutions as well as home use markets.

Venture Information
Technology or Science Area: 
Medical Devices
Alternative Communication Device
Funding Round: 
Series A
Company Information
May 13, 2013
Richard Hurtig
Ben Berkowitz
Vince Hahn