Virtual Systems Engineering (VSE) focuses on software for coordinating and integrating various aspects of printed-circuit-board (PCB) design and analysis.

  • Developing capabilities that fit seamlessly into customers’ workflow
  • Focusing on products that are both easy to use and capable of solving complex problems
  • Responding to the need for advanced manufacturing in the United States but with an eye toward international growth

The Flagship Product is PREVIEW (Predictive Environment for the Visualization of Electromechanical Virtual Validation), which is the result of years of research conducted through the University of Iowa’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTech) Program.

  • A single platform for both mechanical and electrical engineers to evaluate and test their products using a common protocol.
  • A platform for system integration, useful for both technical analysts and high level program managers.
  • A “game-changer” for advanced manufacturing technology.

VSE is continuing its relationship with AMTech with an exclusive license to the new technology that grows from AMTech’s R&D. In essence, VSE is a growing software company with a flourishing R&D department. Consequently, VSE is able to continually provide its customers with cutting-edge capabilities.

Venture Information
Product sales
Technology or Science Area: 
Design Software
PCB Design
Company Information
Timothy Marler
Herman Reininga
Ross Johnson
Ibrahim Ozbolat
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Iowa City, IA