Prova Therapeutics is creating an injectable peptide inhibitor against the enzyme calpain-5 to cure neovascular retinal disease that causes blindness in diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy occurs in people with diabetes and causes progressive damage to the retina, which may lead to blindness. The company discovered that targeting calpin-5 represents a “first-in-class” therapy for diabetic retinopathy. It has also discovered highly specific peptides that can be modified into calpain inhibitors using their proprietary biochemical assays. The company is developing lead compounds for eventual testing in animal models and treatment in humans.

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Therapeutics & Drugs
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Therapeutic to inhibit calpain-5 activity in the eye associated with blindness and inflammation.
Global peptide therapeutics market, diabetes retinopathy market and eye inflammation/uveitis treatment market.
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Vinit Mahajan
Alexander Bassuk