Between 6-12 million needle-based procedures take place annually in the US. Unfortunately over 1,000 people die every year because of complications that arise from needle insertion. Inaccuracy during these procedures causes bleeding, serious infection, and collateral injuries. NeedleEye Medical has developed a solution that allows physicians to manipulate the needle, while having ultrasound imaging capabilities via a stylus that attaches to the needle. Currently, solutions to this problem include a hand-operated ultrasound probe. However, an additional hand operated device limits the efficiency of the user by diverting his attention to two different objects. NeedleEye Medical increases efficiency by not only allowing the user to see where they normally wouldn’t be able to, but also it does so in a way that is comfortable to the physician. It connects to a tablet-sized console to give the user real-time knowledge of the target location, to help grant the user the best opportunity for assessment. Many doctors that work for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics have agreed that this is an extremely valuable product. With over 5,500 hospitals in the US alone, and an estimated market size of over $500 million in annual sales, NeedleEye has an aggressive go-to-market plan, with human clinical trials starting by the end of 2015. 

Venture Information
Product Development
Medical Devices
Technology or Science Area: 
Needle Stick Procedures
Type of Product: 
Anatomical Display Probe
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Company Information
Steven Mickelsen, M.D.
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Iowa City