NaturemiRI has developed a plasmid-based miRNA inhibitor that will help bring about a new generation of miRNA tools. Micro-RNA (miRNA) research and clinical use is a relatively new field. The current research market is estimated to be approximately $572 million and is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2019. The US currently makes up almost half of that market. NaturemiRI’s plasmid-based miRNA Inhibitor System (PMIS) stands out from the dozens of other miRNA companies by their natural design. Their lack of toxicity means that they don’t kill cells in the study. They are also more durable than other products, only having to be reapplied to cells once every two weeks as compared to twice a day. Lastly, NaturemiRI's miRNA inhibitors are more effective, helping to pronounce the genetic trait being inhibited.

The combination of these traits will reduce labor and material costs by decreasing waste, reducing chance of study failure, and also shortening time needed for completion. With these products, NaturemiRI is positioned to serve the market by providing products of an unmatched quality to researchers. This not only helps them to complete experiments more effectively, but in the long run will also increase the quality of treatments to people suffering from various diseases.

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