As a treatment option, radiation therapies can be unreliable, making harmful incidents unavoidable. As many as 2% of treatments have serious incidents take place. These incidents can harm patients and possibly even lead to death. Infondrien’s Computer Assisted Treatment Event Recognition Software (CATERS), which has been implemented at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics since 2012, works to automate the review of radiation treatments, substantially lowering the risk of harmful incidences for patients. Medical physicists, who have to go through and review the radiation charts one at a time to make sure no unplanned incidents occurred, are assigned to monitor the treatments on a weekly basis. However, this process is extremely labor-intensive, time-consuming, with ample opportunity for mistakes.

Infondrien’s software analyzes and stores the results of the procedure, detecting accidents in real time. The software offers complete storage and real time review of all radiation treatments. This automated chart-checking frees more time for physicians to focus on treatment plans, which is especially important for clinics that service large numbers of patients. Since its been implemented in the UIHC it has had an incident detection rate of 100%. In a market that continues to grow, this automated system ensures quality care that will bring huge benefits to the large number of patients, as well as the clinics treating them, and insurance companies that protect them.

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