Immortagen, founded by the nation’s leading researchers in women’s cancer, seeks to personalize cancer treatment through private tumor banking, full spectrum genetic profiling, revolutionary Clinical Decision Support algorithms, and advanced mouse models for drug research and development. While great strides have been made in the treatment of cancer, cancer treatment today is still a one-size-fits-all approach. From the latest research, it is well-known that every individual tumor has a unique genetic profile that makes it responsive to one treatment over the other. Yet chemotherapeutic agents, which are standard treatment, do not distinguish which mutations are driving the tumor’s growth.

The future of cancer treatment lies in personalized medicine, and Immortagen, LLC, has developed the first predictive algorithm to account for the entire genome. Making the option of truly personalized cancer treatment possible. Immortagen’s three other products and services combine in a way to provide truly personalized cancer treatment for patients and physicians, and also making possible partnerships with drug development companies to bring the next generation of cancer treatments to the market. Within the next 6 months Immortagen will launch its first product lines focused on gynecologic cancers, with a vision of expanding to all cancer types.

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Personalized Medicine
Cancer Genome Sequencing
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Kristina Thiel, PhD
Baoli Yang, MD, PhD
Donghai Dai, MD, PhD