​IDx is developing a new generation of diagnostic tools that are designed to benefit the health care system's entire spectrum of stakeholders.

  • For patients, IDx smart retinal imaging means high quality, close-to-home diagnostics available in their primary care office with both immediate results and reduced copays.
  • For frontline providers, IDx smart retinal imaging means a more complete package of patient services, fewer specialist referrals, increased billing, and better doctor-patient relationships.
  • For ophthalmologists, IDx smart retinal imaging means an increase in referrals of patients with treatable disease
  • For internists and cardiologists, IDx smart retinal imaging means an increase in insight to patients' disease states
  • For insurance companies, the government and other payors, IDx's smart retinal imaging means higher quality care that's more objective, reduced inter-physician variability at substantially lower cost, and improved physician productivity
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