200,000 children are born each year with clubfoot. Over 50 years ago, Dr Ignacio Ponseti at the University of Iowa discovered a non-invasive method for treating clubfoot now known as the Ponseti Method. The method requires that children sleep with their feet in a brace to stabilize the feet in the proper position. Unfortunately, until now the braces have cost $400 to $1,500. This means that 80% of the children born each year with clubfoot can’t afford the brace required to make the method successful.

Three professors at the University of Iowa set out to eliminate this barrier to freeing the world of untreated clubfoot. They combined their years of orthopaedic surgery, international public health, and biomedical engineering experience to come up with a patent pending brace that is state of the art and will cost less than other braces available. In 2012, the three professors were joined by an individual with start-up business and non-profit operations experience and in 2013 Clubfoot Solutions, an Iowa City 501c3 non-profit was founded.

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