Cardio Diagnostics consists of molecular tools that simultaneously summate each individual’s unique environmental and genetic risk for illness for a number of the top 10 leading causes of death, including coronary heart disease. For many Americans the first sign of heart disease is a crippling heart attack or sudden death, hence Cardio Diagnostics provides an alternative diagnostics tools that is more sensitive and specific prior to the occurrence of such events. The company uses a NextGen Precision Medicine approach that eliminates the need for fasting and laborious clinical assessments. When coupled with artificial intelligence via their corporate partners, these Precision Medicine tools will also allow primary care practitioners to offer state of the art clinical care for a variety of illnesses while decreasing health care costs by eliminating the time and expense of costly referrals.

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Medical Devices
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Diagnostic kits for detection of cardio-related diseases.
Cardiovascular diseases worldwide market.
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Robert Philibert
Michael Levin