Millions are lost due to weather related truck accidents

Two UI startups awarded Commercialization Enhancement (CE) grants by UIRF and UIVentures. CE grants are targeted at companies that are close to beta test or introduction of a product or service and need a small amount is capital to reach their goal. Often a potential industry partner or investor requires additional proof of market need before investing.


ECR Logic is developing a portable data collection and recall app for field scientist. Their 1st app is targeted at State and private archeologists. I-Site Mobile will same significant time, and reduce errors. CE support is completing the company’s Android software version. ECR’s soft launch is slated for March 2018.


Via-Wise is developing an app to predict future road conditions, as they will be as a vehicle travels through various locations. Trucking lines are the first market for the in-cab Truck-Wise app. Via-Wise expects to reduce significantly delays, accidents, and spoiled cargo. CE funding is being used to complete fine-tuning of the AI algorithms and field-testing.