Dr. Lubaroff image

Dr. David Lubaroff, Professor Emeritus, Emeritus Professor of Urology has received a UIRF GAP award of $75,000 to assist in advancing his prime-boost prostate cancer treatment method toward commercialization. The GAP project will confirm pervious positive research results, and complete several other critical proof of concept experiments. Successful completion of this project will enable licensing the IP to Ohana Vaccines, an early stage UIVentures startup.

Dr. Lubaraoff’s extensive experience and collaboration in cancer research, and previous submission of an IND to the FDA, positions Ohana for rapid advancement through the FDA approval process. Early establishment of both an experienced management team and scientific/business advisory group has produced a clear and cost aware business plan.


For more information concerning Dr. Lubaroff's research look here: https://medicine.uiowa.edu/urology/profile/david-lubaroff