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Startup advice & Investment

Business Model Canvas/Customer Development Tools


Find a Co-Founder

Entrepreneurship Online


Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs

Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents

Angel/SuperAngel Investors

Venture Capital Financing


Education in  Financing

List of Investment Platforms

Incubator List & Mentors

Advice on Raising Startup Capital

Cap Tables / Valuation

Intellectual Property Advice



Best Startup Advice

Founder Equity Issues

Executive / Advisory Board Compensation

Web/Mobile Revenue Models

Product Pricing 101 for Entrepreneurs


Website Domain Names

Create Websites Automagically

Cloud Services and Tools

Website Design Tools

Website Designers

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing

Landing Pages

Web Application Frameworks

Market Research

Market Research Tools

Public or University library Resources

Market Research Resources Online

“How Big is the Market?” Tools

“How Do I Contact Customers?” Tools


Loyalty Programs

On-line Q&A Communities

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing


Online Marketing Suites

Email Marketing/Blasting

Search Engine Optimization and Tools

SEO and Analytics Tutorials

Web/Mobile/Social Analytics Tools

Mobile Apps Analytics / Ad Platform

Traditional Media

On-Line Advertising Platforms (SEO)

Blogging Platforms

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing

Business tools & E-Commerce

Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store

Customer Support/Feedback

Recruiting Tools

Misc Office Help

Outsourcing/Freelance Help

Product Development

Website Design Tools

Website Designers

Development Tools

Product Launch Tools

Product Demo Videos


Web Drawing Libraries

Wireframing Tools

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

Website/Browser Testing

Phone/SMS Cloud Apps

Mobile Testing/Build Tools

Web Application Frameworks

NoSQL Databases

Web Server Stress Testing


Medical Device Resources

Chip/Hardware Resources/Tools

Custom Machine Parts/Industrial Supplies

Manufacturing Resources


Project Management


Digital Asset Management

Must Read Blogs



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