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MADE is a manufacturing and e-commerce initiative by the University of Iowa whose mission is to encourage and facilitate the University of Iowa community to bring innovative, need-based products to market with the goal of enhancing economic development at the university as an extension of research and scholarship.


MADE has three primary objectives:

  1. Bring simple, low volume technology to market
  2. Contribute to a cultural transformation around innovation on campus
  3. Provide students with an opportunity to learn first-hand the tools necessary to bring a product to market


MADE is comprised of several units based on technology sector such as surgical instruments, software, engineering tools, or education materials.   While each unit requires different implementation and unique challenges, the commonality between units is the ability to market and sell products online and to contribute to the overall goals of the program. The first unit to launch is MADE-- Surgical which features low risk medical devices.  For more information about MADE, please contact Jordan Kaufmann  (