Andy Meyer Photo
Andy Meyer, COO of Pure Oleochemicals

"A little over a year ago UIVentures introduced me to a new technology developed in the Chemistry Department at the University of Iowa.  They asked if I’d like to work with the inventors to potentially commercialize the technology.  Eventually, with help from the UIRF, we enrolled in Venture school.  Participation in Venture school really forced us to get in front of prospective customers and to learn what they wanted from a technology such as ours.  In addition, it was instrumental in helping us define the minimum viable product that we could use to get our business started with customers. 

The help we received along the way from UIVentures and the UIRF through mentoring, involvement in Venture school, negotiating a licensing option and establishing a presence at the BioVentures Center has been pivotal in our ability to bring the business to this point."